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2019 Renewals Are Open

Active/Inactive CPAs and SPs w/o peer review required: Use Online Services. All others, see Forms.
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2019 Renewals Are Now Open for Everyone

Individuals and All Firm Types

Stay Alert Against Scammers

Renewals are now available for CPA and RAP individuals, CPA sole proprietors, AND also CPA and RAP firms. CPA and RAP firms: Look for a 6 x 9 envelope from the Board, containing information you need for your renewal.

All licenses, registrations and permits expire December 31, 2018. EVERYONE must renew, even those recently licensed. For those with CPE reporting requirements, that reporting must be submitted prior to or along with your renewal.

Online Services is the quick and easy electronic means for individual CPAs and Sole Proprietors* to renew. The Board accepts Visa, Mastercard, and Discover Card as online payment methods.

Paper forms that can be completed electronically, printed, signed, and then mailed are also available under Forms. When submitting a paper form, payment must be by check (no cash, bill pay or credit card). Please note: RAPs, firms other than sole proprietors, and those seeking Exempt status or surrendering their license must use the paper renewal option, as must anyone with disciplinary action since their last renewal.

*Those specific sole proprietors who must undergo peer review also must use the paper renewal option.

Answers to questions concerning renewal can be found on the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.

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Jensen Nominated as NASBA Regional Director

Sharon Jensen, CPA, Board Vice Chair, has been nominated to serve as a Director at Large for the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA), of which the Minnesota Board is a member. Elections take place in October at the NASBA Annual Business Meeting. Currently, Ms. Jensen serves NASBA as Central Region Director.

Jensen, McElroy Appointed to the Board

Governor Mark Dayton announced his appointments to the Board of Accountancy: Sharon Jensen, CPA, the Board's current Vice Chair, has been reappointed for a new term ending January 3, 2022. Joining her on the Board as a new appointee is Charles McElroy, CPA. He fills a vacated position on the Board, with a term ending January 4, 2021.

Sharon Jensen

Sharon Jensen, CPA, is Vice Chair of the Board and Chair of the Complaint Committee. She also services as the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) Central Region Director and NASBA/AICPA International Qualifications Appraisal Board (IQAB) Chair. She previously served on NASBA's Legislative Support Committee and Global Strategies Committee. In her professional practice, Ms. Jensen specializes in strategic initiatives, U.S. and international regulatory reporting, technical accounting, organizational governance and enterprise risk management. She previously served as the chief financial officer for a multinational manufacturing company operating in the US, Europe, Latin America and Australia, leading the strategic expansion into Europe and Latin America. She has 15 years of experience in public accounting as an audit partner and providing consulting services to companies in many different industries. This is Ms. Jensen's third term with the Board.

Charles McElroy

Charles McElroy, CPA, has over forty years of experience in public accounting and served as Chief Quality Officer for CliftonLarsonAllen,LLP (CLA) for many years. Key responsibilities as Partner at CLA included direction of the quality control and risk management for the firm. Throughout his career Mr. McElroy has been involved in many professional organizations and numerous related committees. He was a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) Accounting and Review Services Committee, and is a past chair of the AICPA’s Professional Issues Task Force (PITF). Mr. McElroy also served as a member of the AICPA’s Auditing Standards Board, Peer Review Board, Center for Public Company Audit Firms Peer Review Committee, Accounting Standards Executive Committee, and CPA Exam Task Force. Mr. McElroy is a member and past president of the Minnesota Society of CPAs. This is Mr. McElroy's first term on the Board.

IRS to Tax Professionals: "Use Stronger Passwords and Encrypt Data"

The Internal Revenue Service urges all tax professionals to use strong passwords to protect accounts from cyberthieves and to consider encryption for all sensitive data.

Strong password and encryption protocols, the IRS says, should be standard features of any data security plan that must be created by all professional tax return preparers. The Electronic Tax Administration Advisory Committee (ETAAC) noted in its recent annual report to Congress that many tax pros do not have data security plans that are required by the Federal Trade Commission.

Tax Security 101: Passwords, Encryption

Was That Call/Email/Fax/Text Really from the Board?

Stay Alert Against Scammers

With new technology comes new ways for the unscrupulous to commit fraud—and those scammers have grown more and more sophisticated, spoofing phone numbers and creating authentic looking emails. As a licensee, you may even hear from someone claiming to be from this Board. See our Facebook post for some tips on how to sort valid Board communication from scams.


Continuing Professional Education Reporting Fee Chart

Either the left or the right fee column for any given year will apply. If you are noncompliant in more than one year; you owe the applicable fee for each year.

Examples (rates valid only for October 2018):
• Failed to report CPE on time in 2016 and 2017 but earned it both years in the proper timeframe: Total fee is $850.
• Failed to complete CPE on time for 2018 and reported late for 2017: Total fee is $400.
• Reported late for 2017 but earned CPE in proper timeframe: Total fee is $275.
• Reported late for 2016 and 2017 and failed to complete on time in 2018: Total fee is $975.
Reported CPE late but earned the CPE during the proper timeframe, use these columns: Failed to complete CPE in proper timeframe (and so also did not report it on time), use these columns:
Failed to report CPE by: Fee is**: Complete and/or submit: Failed to complete CPE by*: Fee is**:
Certificates of completion for only those hours earned after 6/30/2018 and required fees** 06/30/18 $125
12/31/2017 $275 Certificates of completion for only those hours earned after 6/30/2017 and required fees** 06/30/17 $425
12/31/16 $575 Certificates of completion for only those hours earned after 6/30/2016 and required fees** 06/30/16 $725

12/31/15 $875 2016 CPA certificate renewal form* and required fees** 06/30/15 $1025
* If you completed CPE hours after the June 30th deadline(s), you must include copies of the certificates of completion for those hours.
**The above-referenced fees reflect the rates if submitted/postmarked by OCTOBER 2018.
MN Rule 1105.3000 (E)(2018)
For renewals/CPE prior to these dates, please see Reinstatement.

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