Notice of Collection of Private Data for Account Creation

In accordance with the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act (MN Statute ยง13.04, Subd. 2), the Board is required to inform you of your rights as they pertain to private data collected from you to establish your login credentials on this website.

The purpose and intended use of your name, email address, and phone number is to authenticate your identity which protects against unauthorized access to your online account.Your email address will be used to help restore access to your account online if you forget your login credentials. The Board may use your email address or phone number to contact you regarding your account.

The Board will not share your private data with other persons or agencies unless you authorize its release or it is required by law.

You are not legally required to provide the data requested to create your account; however, failure to supply the information may result in you not being able to access your account online.

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You may optionally specify a Title and/or Suffix as part of your Name where appropriate. Please select one of the options using the drop-down list. If you use a title or suffix that is not listed, you can contact the Board office after the account is created to update.

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