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Exam Scores Transfer Request

Request Your Minnesota License and/or CPA Exam Information Be Sent to Another State

Step 1: Contact the other state

Most states will have a specific form they will require you to use.

Step 2: Contact the Board office with your request in writing

Partially complete and sign that state's form, as per their instructions. Include a cover note that contains your name and your Minnesota license number (if applicable). Be sure either the form or your cover note also includes the address to which the form needs to be sent.

If the state does not have a required form, contact us in writing (email or letter) explaining the information you need sent and that no state form is available. Again, include your name and your Minnesota license number (if applicable) and be sure you provide the address to which the information needs to be sent.


Request a "Letter of Good Standing"

If your potential employer, a professional society, or other entity requires you to provide them a "letter of good standing" regarding your licensure, contact the Board in writing (email or letter). Be sure your request includes the address to which the letter needs to be sent.


See the bottom of the page or "Staff/Location" for contact information (no "attention" line is required). Since some information requested may be classed private or confidential, we do not accept requests by phone.

Your properly submitted request will be promptly processed.


Are you seeking an initial license with Minnesota?

If you are seeking a license in Minnesota and you did not sit for the CPA exam as a Minnesota candidate, the instructions you need regarding CPA exam scores and licensure transfer can be found here:

Applying to MN as a
"Transfer" (Non-Minnesota) Candidate

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