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What "Find a CPA" Is

"Find a CPA" helps you confirm if a person holds a current active or current inactive CPA license in Minnesota.

It will also tell you if someone has a revoked, surrendered, expired, exempt, or retired Minnesota CPA license—all of which mean they do not currently have a valid Minnesota CPA license. In the case of a retired CPA, it means they are not practicing public accounting in any jurisdiction.

Licensees can also use this search tool to look up their certificate number and their license expiration date.

Please note that the database is refreshed daily; it is not real time. Newly licensed CPAs or others with recent changes to their license status will want to wait 1-2 business days from the anticipated date of a status change before checking the information in this database.

How to Search

Enter a full or partial last name or certificate number, then click "Search" to see the results. You may also click on the first letter of the last name to show all individuals with a last name beginning with that letter.

License Statuses Explained

These are simplified descriptions. Begin with MN Statutes 326A.01 and MN Rules 1105.0100, 1105.2500(C) and 1105.6550 for definitive descriptions.

  • "Current": An Active or Inactive license in good standing with the State.
  • "Active" status: An "Active CPA" can perform for the public all services designated as requiring a CPA license, such as but not limited to attestation, audits, financial advisory services, or compilations. An Active CPA is, among other responsibilities of licensure, required to complete continuing education.
  • "Inactive" status: An "Inactive CPA" once held an Active CPA license but no longer performs for the public work that requires an Active CPA license. Someone with an Inactive CPA license can only use the title "CPA" if it is followed by the word "Inactive" (for example, Pat Smith, CPA Inactive").
  • "Exempt" status: The individual previously held a CPA license, but no longer does in the State of Minnesota. They may hold a license in another state, no longer be performing work that requires a CPA license, or be retired.
  • "Retired" status: The individual previously held a CPA license, but no longer practices public accounting in any jurisdiction. They met certain statutory requirements and requested of the Board the use of this honorific title.
  • "Expired": The individual once held a valid Minnesota CPA license but is no longer licensed, because they did not renew that license.
  • "Surrendered": The individual is no longer licensed in Minnesota. License surrender may be voluntary or a result of disciplinary action.
  • "Suspended": The individual does not hold a valid Minnesota CPA license while their license is suspended. Suspensions are due to disciplinary action.
  • "Revoked": The individual no longer holds a CPA license in Minnesota due either to failure to renew the license or some other disciplinary action.


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