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2022 Renewals Open

Active and Inactive licensees and SP firms: Use Online Services.
(Click on this message to close it and to see more information.)
Active and Inactive licensees and SP firms: Use Online Services.
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Beware of Email Phishing

The Minnesota Board has learned that a phishing message claiming to be from the Minnesota Board regarding "licensee fee changes" has been circulating. The Board sent no such message (and there are no fee increases). If received, follow the best practices at your firm for dealing with suspicious emails.

Renewals Open for Individuals (CPAs and RAPs) and Sole Proprietors

Renewals have opened for everyone except CPA and RAP firms. These firms should look for a mailing later in October, which contains information they need in order to renew.

  • Active licensees and Sole Proprietor firms that do not provide services that require peer review and that do not have non-CPA owners should renew using Online Services.
  • Inactive licensees renewing for 2022 must use Online Services. There is no paper renewal option.
  • All RAPs and RAP firms must use paper forms.
  • If you wish to go Exempt or Retire, or are seeking Reactivation or Reinstatement, see the separate (not Renewal) forms for those statuses/processes in the "Forms" section of the website.

Licensing and permit fees remain unchanged from 2021 renewals.

A reminder that if you have a CPE requirement (Active licensees licensed prior to July 1, 2020, and those seeking to change from Active to Inactive), you must complete and report CPE prior to renewal.

DO NOT ENTER CARRYBACK HOURS ONLINE. CPE entered online must be earned in the proper period. Falsely reporting CPE hours may result in disciplinary action (Minnesota Rule 1105.3000 E (2018)). See "CPE Reporting" for instructions on how to report carryback hours. See also the article below regarding the one-time exception extending the FY20 CPE year for those who need the extension.  

License Cards for Current CPA Licensees and SP Firms Now Available Through Online Services

The Board will no longer be mailing license cards. Current Active and Inactive status licensees may instead log into Online Services and print a PDF version of their license card. Sole proprietors whose firm permit number is the same as their individual license number can also print a copy of their firm permit.

Log in to Online Services, then select the "License Card" tab (see image). If a card is available, you will see a "print" option. Note that if you have only just recently renewed or become licensed, the card may not be available (or may not show your new expiration date) for 3-5 business days.

When you select "print" a PDF is generated. Where the file saves or how it displays will depend upon the browser/browser settings you use. Lines on the 8 1/2 x 11 printout indicate where to cut to create the traditional oversized and wallet-sized cards.

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Continuing Professional Education Reporting Fee Chart

Either the left or the right fee column for any given year will apply. If you are noncompliant in more than one year; you owe the applicable fee for each year.

Examples (rates valid only for October 2021):
• Failed to complete CPE on time for 2021 Total: $125.
• Reported late for 2020 renewal but earned CPE in proper timeframe: Total: $275.
• Failed to complete CPE on time for 2021 and reported late for 2020: Total fee is $400.
• Reported late for 2019 and 2020 but earned CPE in proper timeframe: Total fee is $850.

Reported CPE late but earned the CPE during the proper timeframe, use these columns: Failed to complete CPE in proper timeframe (and so also did not report it on time), use these columns:
Failed to report CPE*  by: Fee is***: Submit: Failed to complete CPE by**: Fee is***:
    Certificates of completion for only those hours earned after 6/30/2021* and required fees** 06/30/21 $125
12/31/20 $275 Certificates of completion for only those hours earned after 9/30/20201* and required fees** 09/30/201 $350
12/31/19 $575  Certificates of completion for only those hours earned after 6/30/2019* and required fees** 06/30/19 $725
12/31/18 $875 Certificates of completion for only those hours earned after 6/30/2018* and required fees** 06/30/18 $1025

1 If you elected to claim the one-time FY20 CPE extension when you renewed for 2021.

* If claiming exception from CPE reporting under MN Rule 3500.3.D, you must claim the exception by the deadline or be subject to the same fees as those late reporting hours.

** If you completed CPE hours after the earning deadline(s), you must include copies of the certificates of completion for those hours.

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