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How to File a Complaint

The Board's Authority

The Minnesota Board of Accountancy has been given jurisdiction over Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) and Registered Accounting Practitioners (RAPs) on those matters covered by Minnesota Statutes 326A.01-15 and the Minnesota Rules Chapter 1105. Its enforcement authority is described in Minnesota Statutes 326A.08, which says in part:

"The board may, upon receipt of a complaint or other information suggesting violations of this chapter or of the rules of the board, conduct investigations to determine whether there is reasonable basis to institute proceedings under this section against any person or firm for such violations."

How to File a Complaint

If you decide to file a complaint with the Board against a CPA, RAP, CPA firm or RAP firm, your first step is to complete a complaint form. In order to file a complaint, you must sign and date the form and mail or deliver the completed form to the Board office.

Note: The Board does not accept anonymous complaints, complaints submitted via facsimile, or verbal/phone complaints.

If, after looking through the form and the FAQs, you have questions, please call the Board office at 651-296-7938.

 Complaint Form
 Complaint Process Overview
 Complaint FAQs

About the Complaint Committee

The Board Chair appoints three Board members to serve on the Board's Complaint Committee. The Board's Executive Director and the appropriate Board staff assist the Committee in its work. The Committee also receives its legal counsel from the Office of the Attorney General.

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