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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Many common questions can be answered by consulting one of the main informational pages on this website:

Applicants Licensees Firms Continuing Professional Education

Information can also be gained by reading through the instruction page of the relevant PDF form (initial applications, renewals, cpe, change of information, complaint, reinstatement):

Applications / Forms

We have also gathered some FAQs below, organized by topic. See either the blue buttons below or the "FAQ Sections" navigation.

General Initial Licensure (also Transfer/Reciprocity) Continuing Education (CPE) Renewals Complaints

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• How will the Board contact me with important information?

• The PDF form does not appear to be fillable.


Initial Licensure / Transfer/ Reciprocity


• US transcripts—What do I need to send with my license application?

• Do you accept international transcripts?

• Do I have enough credits to sit for the exams? Will the Board evaluate my transcripts and tell me?

• Where can I get my education in order to qualify for licensure?

• You have two initial license application forms. Which do I use?

• I am applying for a license with another state and need my Minnesota exam/license information sent. What do I do?

• When should I take the AICPA ethics exam as part of my initial licensure requirements?

• Does the experience required for my license application have to take place in Minnesota?

• Who can verify my experience?


Continuing Professional Education (CPE)

• Is there some sort of summary of CPE requirements?

• I have a CPE question related to renewal.

• What type of CPE is a "group internet-based" course?


Renewal FAQs
Note: Renewals open in the fall. If renewing late for the current year, see Forms.


• Do I renew this year?

• When I try to log in, it says "Person match not found."

• When I log in to renew, the screen comes up blank.

• I get a message that says "Renewal in Progress," but I haven't renewed.

• When I log in I get a message that says that my certificate has already been renewed, but I haven't renewed.

• What if I don’t have enough required Continuing Professional Education (CPE) for the three years ended June 30, 2016?

• I am getting an error message on the CPE reporting page.

• I want to request an exemption from Minnesota’s CPE requirements.

• I want to change my status.

• My transaction timed out and now I can't get back in.

• My payment isn't being accepted by US Bank or it times out.

• I am renewing late.

• I cannot renew my sole proprietor firm permit online.

• I am trying to open a PDF file and it won't open.

• Why am I being charged a "convenience fee"?

• My name has changed.


Complaint FAQs


• How do I file a complaint against a CPA or CPA firm?

• Where can I see whether a Minnesota CPA or CPA firm has been disciplined?

• Does the Board help with billing disputes?

• What are some examples of disciplinary action?

• What are some grounds for disciplinary action?

• Do I have to be the "injured party" in order to file a complaint?

• Can I make an anonymous complaint?

• Can I call with a complaint?

Questions or comments? Get in touch:

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