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Public/Consumer Protection

The Board's Role in Public Protection

The Minnesota Board of Accountancy was established to protect the public through the regulation of the practice of accounting by Certified Public Accountants, Registered Accounting Practitioners and others in Minnesota by:

  • Ensuring that those entering the practice meet standards of competency by way of education, experience and examination;
  • Establishing standards of practice for those certified or registered to practice;
  • Requiring that anyone practicing or offering to practice accounting be certified or registered and continue to maintain their professional competence;
  • Enforcing the laws, rules and standards governing the practice of accounting in Minnesota in a fair, expeditious and consistent manner.

The Board's authority is defined by and within certain statutes and rules that direct Board operations and licensee oversight. Links to those statutes and rules are provided below.

MN Rules Chapter 1105, Licensure and Regulation of Accountants

Link to Full Chapter Text  PDF of Full Chapter

Until the revised rules are incorporated into the Office of the Revisor's website, the Board is providing an Unofficial Copy of the rules effective as of January 9, 2018.


MN Statutes Chapter 326A, Accountants

Link to Full Chapter Text  PDF of Full Chapter

Resources for Consumers

Concerns about a CPA or RAP? Find out more about the complaint process and how to make a complaint:

How to File a Complaint Link

Confirm the license status of a Minnesota-licensed CPA. Also find an explanation of terms such as "Active," "Inactive" and "Expired":

Find a CPA Link

Confirm a CPA firm is licensed in Minnesota:

Find a CPA Firm Link

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