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2020 Renewals Open

Active and Inactive licensees and SP firms: Use Online Services.
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Online Services, Board Website Outage Notice

The Board's servers will be undergoing regular maintenance Friday, October 11, 2019, beginning at 5:30 p.m. We recommend you wait until later in the evening or later in the weekend to renew, to prevent any disruption to your renewal attempt.


Update: 2020 Renewals Now Open for ALL Licenses, Registrations and Permits

Renewals have opened for everyone, including CPA and RAP firms. These firms should check for an envelope from the Board during the week of September 23, which contains information they need in order to renew.

  • Active and Inactive licensees and Sole Proprietor firms that do not provide services that require peer review and that do not have non-CPA owners can renew using Online Services.
  • All other CPA firms, and all RAPs and RAP firms renew using paper forms.
  • If you wish to go Exempt or Retire, or are seeking Reactivation or Reinstatement, see the separate (not Renewal) forms for those statuses/processes in the "Forms" section of the website.

A reminder that if you have a CPE requirement (Active licensees licensed prior to July 1, 2018, and those seeking to change from Active to Inactive), you must complete and report CPE prior to renewal.

DO NOT ENTER CARRYBACK HOURS ONLINE. CPE entered online must be earned in the proper (July 1-June 30) period. Falsely reporting CPE hours may result in disciplinary action (Minnesota Rule 1105.3000 E (2018)). See "CPE Reporting" for instructions on how to report carryback hours.

Statute Changes Effective August 1

Several changes regarding Board Statutes (Chapter 326A) were included as part of the Omnibus State Government Bill signed this May. The changes are effective August 1, 2019. In addition to minor housekeeping items, changes include

  • the elimination of the Board portion ($40) of the Uniform CPA Examination fee collected by NASBA;
  • an update to the definition of "attest";
  • the addition of retroactive enforcement; and
  • the addition of an honorific title of "Retired" for those meeting the qualifications and who have ceased practicing public accounting in any jurisdiction.

More information on these changes is available in the Board's newsletter, mailing later this month, or by subscribing to the Board's email communications.

New Retired Status and Exempt Status Forms Available

Those interested in requesting Retired status or electing Exempt status can now apply using newly created forms, available in the "Request for Change" section of the "Forms" page on the Board's website. These forms can be submitted at any time during the year. Exempt and Retired are statuses that do not require renewal.

Retired Request and Exempt Election Forms

September 10 Hearing on Rule Package R-04582 Is Canceled

The Board published in the July 1, 2019, issue of the State Register a Dual Notice of Intent to Adopt Rules Without a Public Hearing Unless 25 or More Persons Request a Hearing, And Notice of Hearing if 25 or More Requests for Hearing Are Received for rule package R-04582, which proposes rules related to examinations as well as housekeeping updates.

As fewer than 25 requests for a hearing were received, the hearing, previously scheduled for September 10, 2019, has been canceled. The Board will continue on with the rule adoption process.


NASBA, AICPA Request Comment on CPE Standards Exposure Draft

NASBA and the AICPA are seeking public comment on proposed revisions to the 2016 Statement on Standards for Continuing Professional Education Programs. Comments on the exposure draft can be emailed to Jessica Luttrull, CPA, at jluttrull@nasba.org through August 31. The draft and related documents are available for download from NASBA's website.

CPE Exposure Draft

CPE Earning Deadline for FY19 Was June 30

A reminder that June 30 was the earning (but not the reporting) deadline for FY2019 CPE. You do not need to report until December 31 or when you renew in the fall, whichever is first.

If your license status is Inactive or if you were newly licensed on or after 7/1/2018, you did not need to earn (and will not need to report) CPE for FY19.

Those needing to meet both the 1-year and 3-year CPE reporting requirements can easily check what they need in FY19 by logging in to Online Services, using your license number and the last 4 digits of your SSN. Use any of the other links below to find out more about CPE earning and reporting.

A reminder that, if you discover you must do carryback in order to be in compliance for the 2020 renewal, CPE fees start accruing in July. It is in your best interests to earn and report your carryback hours as soon as possible.

Five Minnesota Exam Candidates Win 2018 Elijah Watt Sells Award

The AICPA announced its 2018 Elijah Watt Sells Award winners. To win the award an individual must obtain a cumulative average score above 95.50 across all four sections of the CPA Examination, pass all four sections of the Examination on the first attempt and complete testing in the award year.

Nearly 86,000 individuals sat for the CPA Exam in 2018 with 110 candidates meeting the criteria to receive the Elijah Watt Sells Award. Five of those were Minnesota Board exam candidates:

  • Amy Fursa (Minnesota), a graduate of College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University with a BA in Accounting is employed with Ernst & Young, LLP in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
  • Adam Heussner (Minnesota), a graduate of University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire with a BBA in Accounting, is employed with PricewaterhouseCoopers of Minneapolis, Minnesota.
  • Jake McElmury (Minnesota), a graduate of University of Minnesota-Twin Cities with a BSB in Accounting and Finance, is employed with Deloitte in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
  • Matthew Sorensen (Minnesota), a graduate of The University of Minnesota – Twin Cities with a BSB in Accounting and Finance is employed with KPMG in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
  • Ted Spilde (Minnesota), a graduate of Hamline University with a BBA in Accounting and Master of Accounting with Data and Analytics from the University of Missouri is employed with KPMG in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The Elijah Watt Sells Award program was established by the AICPA in 1923 to recognize outstanding performance on the CPA Examination. Sells, one of the first CPAs in the U.S., was active in the establishment of the AICPA and played a key role advancing professional education within the profession.

Our congratulations on this achievement go out to all the winners.

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Continuing Professional Education Reporting Fee Chart

Either the left or the right fee column for any given year will apply. If you are noncompliant in more than one year; you owe the applicable fee for each year.

Examples (rates valid only for October 2019):
• Failed to report CPE on time in 2016 and 2017 but earned it both years in the proper timeframe: Total fee is $1450.
• Failed to complete CPE on time for 2018 and reported late for 2017: Total fee is $1000.
• Reported late for 2018 but earned CPE in proper timeframe: Total fee is $275.
• Reported late for 2016 and 2017 and failed to complete on time in 2018: Total fee is $1875.
Reported CPE late but earned the CPE during the proper timeframe, use these columns: Failed to complete CPE in proper timeframe (and so also did not report it on time), use these columns:
Failed to report CPE by: Fee is**: Submit: Failed to complete CPE by*: Fee is**:
    Certificates of completion for only those hours earned after 6/30/2019* and required fees** 06/30/19 $125
12/31/18 $275 Certificates of completion for only those hours earned after 6/30/2018* and required fees** 06/30/18 $425
12/31/17 $575 Certificates of completion for only those hours earned after 6/30/2017* and required fees** 06/30/17 $725
12/31/16 $875 Certificates of completion for only those hours earned after 6/30/2016* and required fees** 06/30/16 $1025

* If you completed CPE hours after the June 30th deadline(s), you must include copies of the certificates of completion for those hours.
**The above-referenced fees reflect the CPE rates if submitted/postmarked by OCTOBER 2019 [MN Rule 1105.3000 (E)(2018)]. License fees and  late renewal fees are not included. See the appropriate renewal form and status for those costs.

For renewals/CPE prior to these dates, please see Reinstatement.

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