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Disciplinary and Enforcement Actions

Orders are organized by year issued. Please contact the Board office for orders issued before 2009. You may also type a name into the "Search" bar (in the main navigation at the top of the page) to search the Board's site (including newsletters and meeting minutes) for references to disciplinary/enforcement actions.

Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to ensure that the enforcement information is correct. However, this information should not be relied upon without verification from the Board office. It should be noted that the names of companies and individuals listed may be similar to the names of the parties who have not had enforcement actions taken. Also, the issuance of an order does not in itself imply that the conditions of the order have been met nor that the individual or firm listed currently holds a license or permit with the Board. To confirm current license or permit status, see Find a CPA and Find a CPA Firm.

Disciplinary and enforcement orders are public data and copies may be obtained by contacting the Board office or by download from the Board's website (as PDF files).

Archives 2009-2022

NOTE: If you have been specifically directed as part of the terms of an Order issued by the Board to take the CPT Ethics program, click here for more information.


Filing a Complaint

Use the link below to find information on how to file a complaint against a CPA firm or individual licensed in Minnesota.

File a Complaint

2024 Enforcement Actions—Alphabetical By Date

2023 Enforcement Actions—Alphabetical By Date

  • 12/06/23
  • 9/27/23
  • 8/10/23
  • 6/7/23
  • 5/4/23
  • 3/16/23
  • 1/26/23

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