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Applications and Forms

Fillable PDF Forms

For CPAs entering continuing professional education hours, updating their address (but not their name or employer), or renewing their Active or Inactive status (during the renewal window each fall), use our convenient Online Services.

For other needs, use the fillable PDF forms below.
Important: Be sure to download the PDF form to your device and open it using Adobe Reader, as working on PDF forms in web browsers or using other software may result in lost data on saving or printing.

NOTE: When submitting a PDF form that includes a fee, payment must be by check or money order (no cash, credit card, or bill pay).

Renewal Forms

Initial Applications for MN Licenses

Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Reporting

For  the current CPE/renewal year (when renewing/reporting on time): Use Online Services or (when renewals open each fall) the current year's paper renewal form.

For prior CPE/renewal years or when renewing/reporting late: Use the renewal form for that year (for example, to report CPE for July 1, 2016-June 30, 2017, use the 2018 Renewal Form). Neither late earned (carryback hours) nor late reported CPE can be reported through Online Services. You will owe CPE fees and a late renewal fee and must mail the appropriate documentation and form to the Board. Consult the renewal form and also the CPE Fee Chart to calculate.


CPE Reporting Form for Status Change to Active

NOTE: The above form is used only during renewal. If you want to change from Inactive or Exempt to Active status mid year (not as of January 1), use Status Change to Active Request Form.


CPE Reporting Form for Audit

Request for Change

Status Change to Active Request Form

(Note: If inactive seeking active status, do not use this form during renewal window; instead use current year's renewal form to request status change.)

Name/Address/Employer Change Form

CPA Firm Name Change Request Form

CPA Sole Proprietor Firm Name Change Request Form

RAP Firm Name Change Request Form

Other Forms

Complaint Form (for filing a complaint with the Board about a CPA, RAP, or Firm)

Petition for Waiver from Board of Accountancy Rules

Reinstatement Application

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